The Financial Crisis Five Years Later

Source: U.S. Department of the Treasury

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No, the Fall of Lehman Didn’t Cause the Financial Crisis

Lehman didn’t cause the financial crisis, no matter what the partisans say Barry Ritholtz Washington Post, September 20, 10:34 AM     To many people, the 2008-09 financial crisis was a complex, fast- moving news story and an anagram-laden, horrifying collapse. Such events often give rise to false histories, myths and ideologically driven narratives. It…Read More

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*The Age of Oversupply*

That is Daniel Alpert’s book and the subtitle is Overcoming the Greatest Challenge to the Global Economy.  I found this a fun and interesting read and I agreed with more of it than I thought I would.  I’ve stressed numerous times that some of the dilemmas of our current day can be understood through nineteenth […]

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The nature of current unemployment

Dylan Matthews writes: …Short-term unemployment is actually lower than it was in 2007. Indeed, the percentage of the labor force that had been unemployed for five weeks or less didn’t grow all that much during the economic meltdown. What changed was what happened after or within those five weeks. In 2007, they typically ended with […]

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Blogolás itthon!

Felmerült bennem egy kérdés: Miért nincs itthon szakmai blogolás, akár politikai témában, mint mondjuk az Amcsiknál. Náluk tökre megy ez az adok kapok, normálisan válaszolgatok a kis blogomban stílus. Teljesen korrektül, nem sárdobálva ésatöbbi.
Ki mit gondol?
Próbálok egy két szakembertől kicsikarni majd interjúkat, beszélgetéseket. Hátha beindul itt is valami!

F.A. “Kahneman” Hayek

On page 179 of Hayek’s Constitution of Liberty (which I’m now re-reading) is found the following passage – a passage in which Hayek recognizes, as a matter of course, some features of human decision-making later (re)discovered by behavioral economists: [A]ll men in pursuit of immediate aims are apt – or, because of the limitation of […]

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